Flexible tile adhesive weber.xerm 850

Sticks … to its promises!

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Mix and get started

For frequently recurring activities, such as mixing, every acceleration adds up to a considerable time saving. weber.xerm 850 Plus takes this fact into account: unlike conventional tile adhesives, it is ready to use directly after mixing. A maturing time with subsequent repeated strike-through, is dispensed with. Preparation is simply: mix, stir, start working. 

The flexible mortar also tolerates processing errors: if it is struck-through again by mistake, this will not change its processing properties.

Since no maturing period is necessary, weber.xerm 850 Plus can be applied more quickly. However, if needed, it also plays for time, for instance, with a convenient open time of approx. 30 minutes.

Longer shelf life

weber.xerm 850 Plus scores with its outstanding storage stability of at least 18 months. Long-term tests confirm that its properties and consistency also remain perfectly intact after one and a half years of storage. In addition, the attractive plasticized bag not only ensures dust-free transport, but also an all-round clean appearance when delivered at the customer site.

Use on bonded waterproofing systems

The flexible tile adhesive can be used as a thin-bed as well as a medium-bed adhesive. It is suitable for use on all standard substrates, for ex. on heated screeds and on Weber bonded liquid and membrane waterproofing systems, like weber.tec 822, 824, 825, as well as weber.xerm 844. Thus, it is also possible to fix tiles in damp, wet-duty rooms and cool rooms. The material is suitable for levelling uneven and defective areas up to 10 mm.

weber.xerm 850 Plus can be used for laying of ceramic wall and floor coverings on interior walls and floors, as well as on exterior walls. With weber.xerm 850 Plus all standard tiles, up to a size of 30 x 60 cm, and natural stones that are not sensitive to discolouration, can be fixed.

In summary: as a solid, straightforward and versatile tile adhesive weber.xerm 850 Plus has what it takes to be your new day-to-day business companion.

Your avantages

  • can be used immediately, as there is no maturing period
  • long shelf life: at least 18 months
  • laying of tiles up to 30 x 60 cm
  • can be used on Weber bonded waterproofing systems

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