Shaping the future with the BlueComfort tile fixing system

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For the highest demands for tile fixing

The demands are increasing. More performance, more convenience and improved processing properties - these are all expected of modern tile fixing products as a matter of course. But not only that. No one wants to compromise on health, environmental and climate protection any more. With the BlueComfort tile fixing products, we have set a high standard. Thanks to our new binder technology, all BlueComfort products are not only high-performance and convenient to use, but also particularly skin-friendly during application. With three tile adhesives and a high-performance grout, we offer professional tilers a contemporary and perfectly tuned system to meet the high demands of their customers.

The state-of-the-art tile fixing

More skin-friendly

The climate-friendly tile adhesives are significantly more skin-friendly than conventional products. In the case of weber.xerm 858 BlueComfort and weber.xerm 860, this even eliminates the labelling requirement. In this way, the BlueComfort tile system also makes an important contribution to better occupational health when laying tiles and slabs.

Low emission

The BlueComfort tile fixing system is particularly low-emission and fulfils the requirements of the GEV seal (Association for emission-controlled installation materials, adhesives and building products) EMICODE EC 1 PLUS. In times of ever-increasing health and environmental awareness, this is an important argument for craftsmen in sales talks.


The three adhesives (weber.xerm 850 Plus, weber.xerm 858 Blue Comfort and weber.xerm 861) have a higher adhesive tensile strength and flexibility as well as a longer open time. In addition, they do not require a maturing time. Due to their light colour, the tile adhesives are also suitable for use under moisture-insensitive natural stones. A change of material is not necessary.


Thanks to the use of a new type of binder, the production of BlueComfort tile fixing products releases significantly less CO2 than conventional products.


Better products - better climate

The BlueComfort products are very low in emissions and meet the requirements for the mark EMICODE EC 1 Plus. The innovative binder technology not only improved the product properties, but also saved up to 76% CO2 compared with conventional tile adhesives. Thanks to BlueComfort technology, the production of one pallet of tile adhesive weber.xerm 858 generates approx. 300 kg less CO2 than before. This corresponds to the average emissions of a small van on a journey of 1,550 km.

  • less skin irritating
  • no maturing time
  •  longer open time
  • higher adhesive strength and flexibility
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS: very low emission of VOC
  • light colour shade
  • also for use in case of moisture-insensitive natural stones

Impressive design in BlueComfort quality

A grout between the tile joints must be able to do a lot. It should be brilliant in colour and allow for a wide variety of shades. It should be solid and light fast, water-resistant, dirt-repellent and easy to clean. It also has to prevent mould. And because the standard is not enough for us, we at Saint-Gobain Weber have added a few more aspects to the perfect tile fixing system. We understand the joint not only as a technical necessity, but also as a design feature that enables aesthetic individual concepts.