Miniaturbild eines dunkelgrünen Wohnhauses bei Nacht, welches mit weber.therm circle WDVS gedämmt ist

Insulating / External thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)

You like warm, comfortable rooms with low energy costs. You want to maintain the value of your property in the long term. Weber has many exciting answers in the areas of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) and interior insulation on how to realise these wishes in the most sensible way from an ecological, economic and aesthetic point of view. 

The choice of a suitable external thermal insulation composite system for a project depends on various criteria and is not always easy. We would like to make it easier for you to choose the right ETICS system. 


Product Groups

Handwerker bringt Dämmplatte an der Wand an

ETIC systems

The entire system variety for energy renovation from mineral wool to Resol-rigid foam, EPS and vacuum panels.

Einbetten von Armierungsgewebe in den Armierungsmörtel mit einer Kelle

Adhesive and reinforcing mortar

They ensure a firm bond in the ETIC system. Matched to different external thermal insulation composite systems.

Aufspritzen von Dämmputz auf eine Ziegelwand mit Hilfe von Maschinentechnik

High performance insulating plasters/renders

Insulating mortars for modern, monolithic construction and for thermal insulation of historical buildings. Also suitable for levelling large unevenness.

Detailaufnahme eines Dübels

System accessories

For the realisation of weber.therm ETIC systems, find here the matching accessories.


Application tips

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