Safe and sustainable laying of large-size tiles

For years, the trend in interior and exterior areas has been towards large-format tiles. It doesn't matter whether it's a new build or a renovation - for the clients, the tiles and slabs can't be big enough.

Businessmann sitzt auf einer gelben Sitzgelegenheit auf großen grauen Fliesen

Showing self-confidence with (large) format

For years, there has been a trend towards large-size tiles, both indoors and outdoors. It doesn't matter whether it's a new building or a renovation - the tiles and slabs can't be big enough for the clients.

One of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of XXL-formats is the fact that large formats make small rooms, showers or terraces appear larger and more spacious.

In addition, large-format tiles also score points in the categories of ease of care and cleanliness.

XXL-formats need professionals - and the right installation products

Especially when laying XXL-tiles, the experience and professional know-how of the tile layer and the right overall system are essential to avoid a "shambles" in the end.
For ex. indoors, it is of utmost importance that the substrate is absolutely even and that the mortar meets the high requirements.

Saint-Gobain Weber has developed a matched product range around its two highlights weber.plan 813-20 (floor levelling compound up to 20 mm) and weber.xerm 861 (multi-use flexible tile adhesive) to meet these high requirements.

However, XXL-formats are not only in vogue in living or workrooms, but also in outdoor areas. These surfaces require further detailed precautions to be resistant to weathering.

Saint-Gobain Weber also offers a special system for this. From the substrate up to the top layer (flooring material) the waterproofing and tile adhesive system weber.xerm 844 withstands all external weather conditions and offers years of safety. 

XXL large formats indoors

The ceramic industry produces ever larger tiles over the years. Today tile layers are facing sizes over 4 square meters.

These mega formats are demanding: they require great skill in laying and very flat substrates. Builders want tiles with as few joints and joint widths as possible.
In addition to above-average technical skills, this type of installation requires special knowledge, creativity and specially adapted products.

In particular the preparation of the substrate should be carried out professionally. As a rule, the substrate for large formats requires additional levelling to improve the evenness.

In addition to the familiar substrate test, it is important to know that the evenness tolerances (for ex. described in DIN 18202) are often not sufficient for this type of installation. They may have to be optimized by the application of an additional levelling compound on in the wall or floor area.

Tile fixing systems indoors

  • optimal for the installation of large formats in all interior areas
  • matched product range for easy and ergonomic installation of large-format tiles
  • reduces the risk of cavities under the tiles


To the system solution

High demands on tile coverings in outdoor areas

Tile and natural stone coverings on balconies and terraces must be much more resistant than other covering surfaces, as they are exposed to frost, rain and solar radiation over the long term. Even the slightest damage can cause water to penetrate the structure, be absorbed by the mortar and be stored. Efflorescence and frost damage are the result.

The bonding mortar is the most vulnerable element in this system. This is why Saint-Gobain Weber has focused on the tile adhesive, in particular in this application. A watertight tile adhesive that can also be used as a bonded waterproofing offers maximum safety and significantly reduces the risk of damage.

Well equipped for any weathe

weber.xerm 844 offers maximum flexibility in application: waterproofing, laying, decoupling - even slope corrections can be implemented with the waterproofing system. The reduction of impact sound is also possible with weber.xerm 844.
With the innovative Weber notched trowel weber.sys Abdicht- & Verlegeglätter, the works for waterproofing and for tile fixing can also be carried out in just one work step. This saves valuable time.

Whether for waterproofing balconies or terraces, for facade socket areas or as a bonded waterproofing under ceramic coverings in wet-duty or in underwater areas, weber.xerm 844 reliably protects every building project from moisture and dampness penetration. The multi-use product is approved by the building authorities and has the corresponding test certificates for the execution of bonded waterproofing systems.

Tile fixing system for outdoors

  • ideally suited for laying large formats outdoors
  • fast and weather-independent through-drying
  • ideal for surfaces with high water load


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