Substrates for bitumen waterproofing thick coatings and mineral waterproofing products

Whether standard substrates like concrete, lime sandstones, brickwork, aerated concrete, old masonries or non-standard substrates like polystyrene formwork blocks, old bitumen coatings/paints or wooden wool lightweight panels. With the Weber reactive waterproofing products and bitumen waterproofing thick products a great number of substrates can be waterproofed in a safe, sustainable and uncomplicated manner. 

Following substrates have proven themselves in practice.

Concrete substrate

Lime sandstones

Vertically perforated bricks

Pumice stones

Old brickwork

Polystyrene formwork blocks

Either the 2-comp. reactive, thick and quick-setting waterproofing coating d/node/284 or the 2-comp. lightweight bitumen waterproofing thick coating (for ex. weber.tec Superflex 10) are recommended.

Old bitumen coatings

weber.tec Superflex D 24 or weber.tec Superflex 10 are recommended as new waterproofing.

Wooden wool lightweight panels

Aerated concrete