weber biene

… because you don’t have to carry bags.

Holzbox der weber Biene auf einer Palette mit angeschlossener Mischeinheit
  • the delivery is made on a euro pallet to the place of use.
  • the cardboard goods weigh a total of 800 kg; its weather-resistant cover is recyclable.
  • the "weber bee" (weber biene) is ready for immediate use after 15 minutes of assembly.
  • the connected mixing and conveying unit always ensures high quality.
  • at the same time, the physical strain on the workers is considerably reduced with a significantly shorter construction time.
  • the whole technology of the weber biene can be conveniently stowed in the boot of a station wagon.

The application of a thin-layer filler is still mostly done today as it was 50 years ago: workers carry the bags to the construction site, mix them with water and then apply the compound while kneeling – tedious and time-consuming back-breaking work. With the "weber bee" there is now a solution that is easy on the health and saves time at the same time.

In 15 Minuten aufgebaut

The "weber bee" (weber biene) consists of a stable value-added box and a mixing and conveying unit. The value-added box contains 800 kg of the high-flow smoothing mortar weber.floor 4031. The features of the premium levelling compound are its flow performance in particular as well as its low shrinkage and low stress. The box is delivered to the site on a Euro pallet and is ready for use after just 15 minutes: in just a few steps, the mixer, pump and hose connection are installed on the weatherproof cardboard container. All that is needed for commissioning is a 230 V power supply and a standard household water connection.

The optimum flow properties of the material are set by slump test flow measurement; afterwards the mortar can be pumped in steady consistency via hose to the 7th floor of a building. This eliminates the need to carry 25-kg bags, which is particularly advantageous for construction sites in multistory buildings. Also convenient: If work is to be interrupted, the delivery pump can be switched off directly at the cable drum or switched on again later. This avoids the need for a worker to run down several floors and back up again.

Knee-saving work while standing

The "weber bee" (weber biene) also makes application easier: Manual mixing with the unavoidable dust formation is no longer necessary. Two persons are sufficient for holding the pump hose and for smoothing. The skilled workers can also work standing up. All in all, the working time for a medium-sized construction site can be halved with the weber biene. The whole technology of the weber biene can be conveniently stowed in the boot of a station wagon. Opened boxes can be transported to the next site and used again. The empty packaging can be disposed of as cardboard without any problems.

Many building contractors make the experience that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified employees for the hard, physical work. In addition, many floor layers over the age of 40 struggle with back and knee problems due to the high strain, which often leads to long downtimes of staff. Clever solutions like the weber biene help forward-thinking craft contractors to avoid these problems.

Subsidy of Association of Building Contractors

The weber biene logistics solution was awarded 1st place in the 2014 Housing Industry Innovation Award. In Germany. The practical value-added system enables significantly faster floor renovation, even for small areas. The decisive factor for the decision of the jury was above all the reduced burden on tenants due to the acceleration of work processes. For the support of an ergonomically healthier way of working, the association pays a subsidy of €500 to craftsman's company when purchasing the weber biene!