weber.fug 875 BlueComfort

… because beautiful joints deserve a long life.

weber.fug 875 BlueComfort

Resistant joint stays beautiful in the long term

weber.fug 875 BlueComfort is a new Long-life premium grout that is characterized in particular by increased resistance to acidic sanitary cleaners. These cleaning agents, which are widely used in the private and commercial sectors, attack cementitious grouts and lead to washed-out and crumbling joints. In contrast, weber.fug 875 BlueComfort ensures a permanently attractive grout appearance thanks to its higher resistance.

Product features

  • increased resistance against acid cleaning agents
  • water- and dirt-repellent surface
  • light-fast and uniform colours
  • can be washed quickly and with long waiting time
  • also for use on heated floors
  • climate-friendly due to reduced CO2 footprint

Use the joint as a design element

weber.fug 875 BlueComfort is available in 12 trendy colours. They are lightfast and produce a very uniform colour appearance. Even with the dark shades, there are no clouds or stains. These properties, in combination with the high resistance to external influences, ensure long-lasting beautiful joints.

NEW! Available in 12 colours*

Weber Fugenfarbton Weiß


Weber Fugenfarbton Silbergrau

Silver grey

Weber Fugenfarbton Hellgrau

Light grey

Weber Fugenfarbton Pergamon


Weber Fugenfarbton Bahamabeige

Bahama beige

Weber Fugenfarbton Havannabraun

Havana brown

Weber Fugenfarbton Dunkelgrau

Dark grey

Weber Fugenfarbton Schwarz


Weber Fugenfarbton Mittelgrau

Medium grey

Weber Fugenfarbton Zementgrau

Cement grey

Weber Fugenfarbton Anthrazit


Weber Fugenfarbton Manhattan


*Watchpoint: deviations from the original colour of the grout are possible due to the technical printing representation. We recommend to check the colour on test areas beforehand.

Highly resistant and easy to clean

Professional tilers  are enthusiastic about the excellent processing properties: The grout is easy to apply without caving in and washes optimally. Together with the quartz-free formula, this results in a very fine grout surface. The Longlife premium grout is abrasion-resistant, water- and dirt-repellent and is suited for both absorbent and non-absorbent coverings. Like Weber's proven BlueComfort tile adhesives, the BlueComfort grout is less irritating to the skin than conventional grouts thanks to a new type of binder. In addition, it is produced in an environment-friendly process with significantly reduced CO2 emission.

Fields of application

This Longlife grout was specially developed for high-performance grouting of wall and floor coverings with joint width of 1 - 6 mm. All types of ceramics can be grouted with the premium grout weber.fug 875 BlueComfort. Due to its increased resistance to acidic sanitary cleaners as well as its fine and brilliant surface structure, the product is the optimal solution for wet areas, but also for demanding narrow joints in large-format tiles in residential buildings.