Set garden elements in concrete easily and safely


For many homeowners, their own garden is an oasis against everyday stress. Especially families with children benefit from the many possibilities to create space in the garden for playing, romping and learning. After all, playground equipment in the garden is not only a nice pastime for children, but also promotes motor skills and dexterity.

But safety should be the top priority, especially when it comes to playing equipment or heavy garden built-in parts. Whether it’s a swing, climbing frame, clothes dryer or fence post, some parts have to be safely cast in concrete so that the garden can be used without worries. Some garden owners, however, keep hesitating about the apparently large projects. These tasks are quickly completed with the right building material.

A concrete mixer does not have to be borrowed or purchased right away; instead, bagged goods from the DIY store are used. For example, the quick and ready-to-use concrete weber nomix of Saint-Gobain Weber does not need to be mixed with water in advance.

Setting in concrete is almost child’s play!

Simply soak the substrate generously with water in advance, then dig a pit hole in the desired size and moisten the earth again with water. Now insert and fix the desired installation part (fence post, swing, garden lamp, etc.) and gradually fill the pit hole with the concrete material in powder form. Finally, pour the entire dry material slowly and uniformly with water and let it dry for about 24 hours.

The quick and ready-to-use concrete is purely mineral and can be processed at temperatures above +5 °C. Due to its easy handling and short setting time, it offers ideal conditions for setting built-in parts in the concrete according to an individual garden design.

A quick and ready-to-use concrete material like weber nomix is versatile, easy to process - since it does not have to be mixed with water in advance - and dries quickly.

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