Tile fixing products

When architects create objects and tilers use their craftsmanship to give bathrooms, living rooms or kitchens a very special flair, reliability and the best installation materials are in the spotlight. Tested systems ensure that the surfaces meet the highest standards. Whether discolouration-sensitive, translucent natural stones, calibrated slabs, etc. Saint-Gobain Weber offers safe and at the same time economical systems for the setting of tiles and natural stones. 

Product groups

Grundierungen Fliese

Primers / Primer coats

Ready-to-use primers, vapour barriers and EP crack-filler for creating bonding coats. 


Leveling coats floor/wall

Fast-setting levelling compounds for interior and exterior floors as well as for repair and levelling work on floors and walls. 


Waterproofing coats

One- and two-component flexible waterproofing slurries, sealing foils as well as an innovative waterproofing, bonding and decoupling system.

System-Zubehör Fliese

System accessories

Impact sound insulation and decoupling mats, tile reinforcement mesh , shower tray elements.


Tile adhesives / Mortars

High-quality tile fixing mortars for every application: for indoors and outdoors, wet and permanently underwater areas, for large formats, all ceramics, natural stone and glass tiles. Also available with the skin- and climate-friendly BlueComfort technology. 


Tile grouts / Joint sealants / Acrylic

Tile grouts for every need: rapid-setting joints, flexible joints, narrow joints or joints with crystal effect for design-oriented styles with tiles. Primers as well as elastic, odourless joint sealants for different loads.

Zubehör Werkzeug Fliese

Accessories / Tools

Sealer under hollow tiles