Waterproofing / Mortars

Saint-Gobain Weber has set standards with product systems that are considered proven, durable and safe by architects and applicators, especially when it comes to the high requirements for waterproofing buildings.

All products offer excellent application properties and thus high economic efficiency. Every substrate can be waterproofed safely and durable. and Saint-Gobain Weber offers a well thought-out, economical and practicable solution for almost every waterproofing problem. 

Product groups


Bitumen waterproofing thick coatings

Highly flexible, 1- or 2-component bitumen-based thick coatings for safe, exterior waterproofing of buildings.

Bitumenfreie Dickbeschichtung

Reactive, cementious waterproofing coats

The highly flexible, fast-setting alternative without bitumen: Innovative thick coating based on a new binder technology. Sealing of masonry widely independent of the weather. 


Cementitious waterproofing slurries / watertight mortars

Fast-setting sealing slurries, groove and patching mortars.

Gewebe Bautenschutz

Sealing tapes / mesh / waterproofing protection

Joint sealing tapes for movement and building separation joints, watertight foils, as well as protective and drainage mats. 


Masonry repair

Injections, damp-proof render and products for retrofitted interior wall insulation. 


Roof coatings

Reflective and protective coatings.


Special sealants

Joint sealants for grouting at petrol stations, garages, parking lots and in road and industrial construction. 


Concrete repair

Everything for repairing and levelling concrete components, corrosion protection, bond-coats, repair and patching mortars.

Reparaturmörtel Bautenschutz

Repair mortar / filler / grouting mortar

Practical problem solvers for quick repair and sealing work. 


Surface protection system

Products for the protection of heavily weathered facades made of mineral building materials. 


Release agents / mortar additives

Additives to strengthen certain mortar properties, such as improving suppleness, early strength or frost resistance. 

Beschichtungen Bautenschutz

Resin coats / sealers

Primers, coatings and sealers for concrete and screeds, for example for balconies, terraces and arcades. 


Masonry mortar and concrete

Cement and lime-cement mortar for all types of masonry. 

Dry ready-mixed concrete, flowable, sprayed and fine concrete for building construction and civil engineering, as well as paving joint mortar and water-permeable drainage concrete for gardening and landscaping.