Real estate owners wish an economical facade that stays nice for a long time. In addition, they are attaching more and more importance to materials that are friendly to the environment and health. The AquaBalance render technology optimally meets these requirements. Its hydrophilic principle of action provides lasting protection of the facade against algae and fungi in a natural way - without biocides for algae protection.

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Safe integration of details within ETICS

Within the (main) surfaces an ETICS is a very simple and safe construction. However, the connection to adjacent or penetrating building parts is more challenging from a technical point of view. Such parts include the window itself and associated elements like awnings, railings, folding shutters, venetian blinds and blind boxes or the connection to the window sill.

Saint-Gobain Weber offers solutions for the perfect integration of these components into an ETICS system that are as simple and safe as the ETICS itself.

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