Application of top renders with a light reference value < 20

Due to the ever-increasing insulation thicknesses and the increasing use of elasticized insulation boards, the stresses acting on the top coat renders are becoming higher and the execution risk is increasing. The free facade edge displacement of renders on ETICS is increasing. Thus, the safe build-up in connection with dark colours with a double reinforcement layer is indispensable.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Apply a lightweight underlay render (base coat), weber.dur 132. Leave the surface as required for the subsequent operations. Waiting time > 14 days.

  2. 2. The bonding and reinforcing mortar weber.therm 300 is applied in a thickness of 5 - 7 mm. Lay the woven mesh weber.therm 310 full-surface.

  3. 3. In case of ETICS no supplementary measure is necessary when the light reference value is 20.

  4. 4. Apply the bonding and reinforcing mortar weber.therm 300 (5 - 7 mm) by hand or machine. Then a glass-fiber meshcloth, such as weber.therm 310 is laid in wrinkle-free strips. It must lay in the upper third of the mortar layer. After a waiting time of 7 days, a second reinforcement layer is carried out with the same working steps like for the first one.

  5. 5. After a sufficient waiting time, cover the second reinforcement layer with a dispersion paint, for ex. weber.ton 412 AquaBalance in 2 coats.

Necessary products for this solution

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