Cleaning of machines

Often, several mistakes can be easily avoided when cleaning or returning silo mixing pumps. On the one hand, the mistakes lead to the sluggishness of the machine up to technical failure. Depending on the error, on the other hand, work stoppages and technical malfunctions with serious consequences (e.g. bursting of mortar hoses, contamination, etc.) can also happen. Here below the most important basics for cleaning the silo machine technology of Weber are presented.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Cleaning

    1. Before finishing work, close the locking gate and secure it with a clip connector against an unintentional opening.


    2. The pump motor is switched on to process the remaining mortar from the pump trough.


    3. After the machine has switched off automatically, the pump motor is switched on again, but the water feed is also activated. The machine continues to operate until thinner material comes out of the spray head.


    4. The pump is briefly operated in reverse to relieve the pressure from the mortar hose. The hoses are not disconnected until it has been ensured that there is no more pressure. The hoses are flushed twice with a rubber ball.


    5. The pump motor is swung off to allow the pump part to be cleaned.


    6. Lift the cover of the pump section and lock it in place.


    7. Open the drain of the pump section after a bucket has been hooked in.


    8. The complete mixing area is sprayed clean with the delivered cleaning nozzle. Remove any remaining mortar residues with a suitable tool.


    9. The pump end piece is also sprayed out. After longer operations, the pump end piece must be dismounted and mechanically cleaned.


    10. Half a bucket of cleaning waste (not including the cleaning of the hoses) is filled when cleaning is carried out properly.


    11. When the pump part has been completely cleaned, the pump helix is replaced, the cover is folded down and the pump motor is put back on.


    12. The pump motor must be secured with a wedge lock.


    13. Remove the power cable and the water hose. The water hose, which is led to the pump part, is briefly disconnected and directed downwards to drain the water fitting. This prevents moss and frost damage.

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