Rendering of lightweight concrete stones (pumice, KLB, Liapor…) and brickwork (normal-porosity substrates)

Normally absorbent substrates, such as pumice or brick do not require any pre-treatment of the substrate when applying the base coat (underlay render). In case of special measures in case of structural problems: refer to the page dedicated to lightweight perforated bricks.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Check of substrate

    1. Check the substrate porosity and test if load-bearing.

  2. Application

    2. Apply the lightweight lime-cement underlay render weber.dur 132 in one layer of 15 - 20 mm.


    3. Leave the surface of the underlay to render (base coat) as required for the specific overlay render (top coat); in case of post-applied scratch renders, use a hard broom or a notched large trowel after first stiffening. In case of openings, the embedment of a diagonal meshcloth like weber.therm 310 (woven mesh) cut to size or weber.therm 315 (arrow-shaped glass-fiber mesh) for reinforcing the angles is recommended.

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