Restoration of fair-faced half-timbered structures

When renovating a half-timbered structure, it is sometimes necessary to completely re-create the framework (i.e. open spaces between the beams). In many cases, however, only the existing brick-lined framework must be rendered new. How this can be done with mineral renders, is described here below.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Brick-lined framework

    1. Damaged and loose old render must be removed. Before applying a new render, the wooden beams should be pre-treated with an appropriate wood preservative paint.


    2. Apply/spray a stipple coat, such as weber.san 160 WTA on old brickwork.


    3. Subsequently, the recessed, brick-lined area is covered with a lightweight underlay render, e.g. weber.dur 132.

  4. Non-bricklined framework

    1. If the framework should not be infilled with brickwork, proceed as follows: before applying the render, the timber frame should be pre-treated with wood preservative.


    2. Afterwards, a triangular strip or similar with a joint sealing tape must be applied in the framework.


    3. Spray out the framework with the insulating render weber.therm 507 up to the triangular strip. Subsequently, fix the galvanised, welded wire mesh (Distanet) on the triangular strips (e.g. with wide back clamps) without tension to secure the infill.


    4. Apply the rest of the render up to max. 15 mm behind the front edge of the framework.


    5. Eventually roughen the underlay render (base coat).

  9. Application: overlay renders (top coats)

    6. Apply a mineral overlay render, like the lightweight mineral fine-grained top render 261 AquaBalance.


    7. It is imperative to ensure that the render is separated from the timber beams, e.g. by a trowel cut.

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