Venetian blind boxes weber.projekt Raffstorekasten

Assembly of venetian blind boxes

  1. The necessary shaft dimensions are specified by the planner. They result from the size of the sun protection to be suspended and (for the rear insulation thickness) from the minimum requirements for thermal insulation.

  2. The shaft width from right to left corresponds to the clear dimension of the ready rendered window opening in the facade.
    The aim is to bring the shaft edges flush with the render on the reveal.

  3. The order form for the weber.projekt Raffstorekasten will guide you step by step through the correct measurement. If in doubt, request technical advice from the Technical Department for Applications of Saint-Gobain Weber. 

  4. Best practice for the installation of the external venetian blind boxes is when the insulation boards to the right and left of the window already form a horizontal support.

  5. The bonding is done according to the floating-buttering method.

    The specific weber.therm bonding mortar is applied on the wall…

  6. … and on the backside of the blind box. A clean strip at the bottom edge of the external venetian blind box is used later to accommodate a joint sealing tape...

  7. ...which is best glued onto the window frame shortly before mounting the external blind box.

  8. The assembly is best done by two workmen.
    The green cap of the electric cable penetration can be seen above. The position can be freely selected when ordering - to match the position of the cables.

  9. The drawing shows the clean connection to the window.
    Along the front edge of the external blind box, the render edge with fabric flap is already integrated.
    Along the reveal there is still space for the reveal insulation.

  10. The position of the dowels is marked on the printed front of the external venetian blind box.

  11. The printed dowel position ensures that the dowels are placed securely through the integrated aluminium mounting rail.

  12. Finally, the electric cable is inserted through the integrated cable penetration.

  13. Ready!


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