weber.projekt UP-Einbauelement GIRA

weber.projekt UP-Einbauelement GIRA is an underlay render element for the exact flush-mounted installation of GIRA® System 106 door intercoms.

Iso-Bar Zubehör                GIRA Rastermaß

The size of the installation elements is matched to the grid dimensions of the GIRA System 106.

Installation elements are available in 2 versions: as polystyrene (EPS -class of resistance to fire B1) and as mineral wool (MiWo - class of resistance to fire A2).

Flush-mounting door intercoms in ETICS

  1. Render edge and fabric flap

    The installation elements are equipped with a circumferential render edge and fabric flap.

    The render edge is available in two versions:

    • 7 mm for ex. smoothed and floated renders
    • 17 mm for ex. scratch renders or ceramic coverings
  2. Cut out recess

    Cut out the recess for the door speaker element in the insulation level.

  3. Assembly

    The installation element is delivered ready-to-use for installation and only needs to be inserted into the insulation opening.

    Before rendering, insert the enclosed protective cardboard into the opening.

  4. Application of reinforcing mortar

    Bring the mortar up to the render edge.

  5. Remove protective cardboard

    Remove mortar residues at the render edges.

  6. Intermediate status

    The element weber.projekt UP-Einbauelement GIRA after application of the reinforcement layer.

  7. Preparation for the top coat

    Replace protective cardboard.

  8. Apply finishing plaster

    Apply the overlay render (top coat) flush with the render edge.
  9. Remove protective cardboard

  10. Now the element weber.projekt UP-Einbauelement GIRA is flush-mounted with the insulation level.

  11. Electrical installation

    Plug & play: after connecting the cables, the door intercom element can be inserted flush with the facade render.

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