Monument-compliant and energy-efficient: renovation of a swimming pool in Berlin

Renovation of an historic swimming pool

The historic sports pool in Berlin-Lichterfelde was completely renovated in 2006 in terms of monument protection and officially reopened in 2014.

Built in 1937, the reinforced concrete structure measuring 25 by 50 meters was once Europe’s largest swimming pool. On one long side, floor-to-ceiling multi-unit windows provide ample daylight and the interior walls have been renovated with a scratch render. The mineral coarse-graded classic scratch top render 200 AquaBalance, which is unusual for interior walls, was chosen due to its appearance and the requirements for the protection of listed monuments.

Building site:
Historic sports pool, Berlin

Completion date:

BBB (Berliner Bäderbetriebe)
Infrastruktur, Berlin

Veauthier Meyer Architekten, Berlin

EABG Essener Arbeit Beschäftigungsgesellschaft mbH, Essen