Rückwärtige Ansicht eines Wohngebäudes mit großen Fensterfronten und Edelkratzputz-Fassaden dazwischen

weber.top Edelkratzputze | The best for your facade

… because the overlay render determines the character of your house.

  • non-combustible
  • natural raw materials
  • resistant to impact
  • weathering-resistant
  • centimetre thick through-coloured


Saint-Gobain Weber has decades of experience in the field of mineral renders and in particular in the field of high-grade scratch renders. We are proud of the outstanding expertise we have acquired here and do everything we can to continue to live up to our good reputation.

A contribution to healthy living

A facade covered with a mineral top scratch render is the greatest adornment of your house. It makes a decisive contribution to the attractiveness and beauty of your property. At the same time, it protects the building structure from damage for many decades, no matter what the weather or season. The good water balance and thermal storage capacity ensure excellent properties. There are no limits to the design possibilities. Thanks to the grain size and a wide range of colours, you can create your very own individual scratch render facade. Opting for a mineral fine-grain render means opting for individuality through a unique look, quality, durability and resistance - a worthwhile investment in the future. Added value: pure mineral high-grade scratch render is also a decisive contribution to healthy living.

Every facade is unique: like no other type of render, the mineral scratch render has an open, lively and natural structure.

Mineral scratch render

Exclusive, fascinating surfaces

The unique structure on the surface of the plaster is created by the process of scratching that gives it its name.

The interaction of this structure with light, shadow and colour is unique; it results in the extraordinarily lively effect and unmistakable beauty of a precious scratch render facade.

Depending on the type and size of the grain, a wide variety of visual effects can be achieved: fine-decent, grainy-strong or appealing-harmonious.

Strong, self-cleaning, economical

No other render is more durable and requires as little maintenance as purely mineral render.

Due to its open mineral structure, it is not susceptible to soiling. The slight sanding of the surface over decades leads to a functioning self-cleaning effect.

Skillfull and professional application

The technique of scratching is a handicraft and artistic process that can only be mastered by professionals. The desired structure is only created by the skillful extraction of the grain during the scratching operation.

Only selected companies with staff who have mastered these special skills and have the appropriate tools can offer you this exceptionally attractive form of facade design.

Special facade designs, such as the creation of architectural design of facade (for ex. bossing), the application of the unique sgraffito technique or the exquisite colour design with the listel render technique can be realized due to the thickness of the render layer.

Edelkratzputz Fassade

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