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weber.ton reno AquaBalance

Renovation paint with integrated algae protection

Facade renders are permanently exposed to the weather and are therefore often colonised by algae and fungi over the years. This is harmless from a building physics point of view, but the grey-green growth quickly gives buildings an unattractive and neglected appearance.

More than ten years ago, Weber has developed the AquaBalance renders with the natural active principle against algae and fungi growth. The AquaBalance render technology successfully prevents the growth of microorganisms - and this without the use of biocides that are harmful to the environment and health. Since then, more than 15 million square meters of facades have been rendered with AquaBalance solutions, saving over 63 tons of environmentally harmful biocides. In the meantime, we have converted our entire range of facade renders to the environment-friendly technology.

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Cleaning, painting, goodbye algea!

Until now, however, only buildings that were newly rendered, benefited from this. With weber.ton reno AquaBalance, a ready-to-use renovation coating is now available that also transfers the AquaBalance principle to existing buildings. The stock of residential buildings in Germany alone comprises over 19 million houses. In addition, there are many millions of non-residential buildings. The majority of these buildings are rendered. weber.ton reno AquaBalance makes it possible to use the AquaBalance effect in renovation as well. The facade should first be cleaned of acute algae infestation, followed by a coat of paint with a roller or a brush in two coats. The renovation coating can be used on any render or paint, and is available in all common colour shades.

weber.ton reno AquaBalance also does without the usual environmentally harmful biocides for algae protection. In this way, the green on the facade is eliminated without the green in the garden suffering.

Advantages of weber.ton reno AquaBalance

  • particularly dedicated for the renovation with old renders and paints
  • excellent, lasting protection against algae and fungi
  • without biocidal film preservation
  • free of solvent, DCMU and terbutryn
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