Closing of hook holes of scaffolding rings

After completion of the rendered facade, the scaffolding anchors must be removed. The hook holes can be closed either with a special hook hole cap or an appropriate material.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Unrendered masonry: the scaffold screw is fixed into the substrate.

  2. 2. ETICS: the scaffold screw is fastened in the substrate.

  3. 3. In case of thermal insulation is used, the total render thickness must be taken into account.

  4. 4. After rendering, the scaffold screw is removed.

  5. 5. The hook hole is closed with the same material.

    Alternative: an acrylic sealant can be placed in the hook hole.

  6. 6. The scaffold cap is then inserted into the fresh acrylic sealant.

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