Installation of window sills with weber.therm SOL-PAD

A permanently tight installation of window sills in external thermal insulation composite systems is often problematic due to complicated details. With weber.therm SOL-PAD, window sills can be easily installed in a driving rain-tight manner after completion of the ETICS. There are no restrictions with regard to the type of window or the materials of the window sill.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Installation of the insulating wedge board weber.therm EPS 032 Fensterdämmkeil with 5° slope into the insulation level. This board has the correct installation height when the distance between the lower edge of the frame and the facade insulation is 10 cm. When using weber.therm SOL-PAD with a height of 30 mm, respect a distance of 11 cm for natural stone window sills.

  2. 2. Unhook the reveal insulation boards with the weber.therm SOL-PAD Tool.

  3. 3. If necessary, close the gap between the lower frame edge and the insulation wedge with a diffusion-open sealing tape, e.g. ISO-Connect Vario XD or Siga Fentrim 2. Waterproof the support surface of the window sill with the 2-comp. reactive waterproofing slurry weber.tec Superflex D 2. Install weber.therm SOL-PAD (covered full-surface with weber.tec Superflex D 2) in the provided recesses.

  4. 4. Slide on the fabric strip of weber.therm SOL-PAD and shorten it according to the existing reveal depth.

  5. 5. Apply an appropriate reinforcement layer and shorten weber.therm SOL-PAD flush with the surface, using the weber.therm SOL-PAD Tool.

  6. 6. Notch the rear upstand (or the rubber seal in case of natural stone window sills) so that the sill can be installed in the window sill render strip of weber.therm SOL-PAD Fensterbank-Anputzleiste.

  7. 7. After application of the overlay render, install the aluminium window sill with the glue weber.therm Klebedichtstoff ST-Polymer.
    Natural stone window sills are fixed with the 2-comp. waterproofing, tile adhesive and de-coupling system weber.xerm 844.

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