Interior insulation with mineral insulation boards

Exterior insulation as the most effective, energy-efficient modernization of buildings is not always possible. Interior insulation is a very good alternative for the renovation of individual residential units, listed buildings and strongly structured facades, or when the building limits are fully utilized. In this case, for ex. a fully mineral interior insulation system will provide a permanently well-balanced moisture management and a pleasant indoor climate.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Check the old render, if load-bearing. The substrate must be clean and load-bearing. Remove dirt, dust, loose particles as well as adhesion- and diffusion-impairing substances. Remove gypsum-containing renders or carry out a long-term waterproofing first with the gypsum burn-on barrier weber.prim 407 and subsequently the 2-comp. reactive waterproofing slurry weber.tec superflex D 2. Level out uneven substrates with a suitable weber.dur underlay render.

  2. Preliminary works

    2. The boards can be cut to size with a foxtail saw and egalized with a sanding board.

  3. 3. The lightweight reinforcing mortar weber.therm 307 is applied full-surface on the insulation board and combed horizontally with a notched trowel.

  4. 4. Put the insulation board into position and float with slight pressure.

  5. 5. After setting offset areas are simply levelled with the sanding board.

  6. Application

    6. Apply the reinforcement layer full-surface with a notched trowel and insert the woven mesh weber.therm 310.

  7. 7.  Finally the textured lime render 286 or the smooth lime render 288 is applied.

  8. 8. The solid and dimensionally stable mineral foam insulation boards for indoor weber.therm MD 042 Dämmboard innen are both handy and light; they can therefore be installed in a quick, easy and clean way. Palletized boards are to be protected from the weather by a PE foil. This also provides stability and should therefore only be removed shortly before installation. Lifting tools must never be allowed to touch or press against the mineral foam boards, nor should the pallets be stacked.

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