Quicker insulation works with weber.therm express

The easy-to-handle mineral wool insulation board weber.therm MW 035 express requires less dowels per board and can be glued by machine. For this reason the insulation works are faster up to 30%.

Bonding of the mineral wool insulation board

  1. The mechanical bonding of weber.therm MW 035 express is done in the same way as for the lamella mineral wool boards.
    The bonding mortar is applied mechanically in vertical beads on the substrate.

  2. The handy size and the covering on both sides allows a quick working process.

  3. Press on and float the insulation board in the sprayed bonding mortar by using horizontal movements.

  4. Less noise, less material and less working time. The mineral wool board must only be dowelled in the middle.

  5. Only three dowels per square meter of insulated surfaces are necessary.

  6. After dowelling of weber.therm MW 035 express, the reinforcing mortar can be applied mechanically on the coated board in the same way as other boards.

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