Cleaning and launch of a swimming pool

So that builders can have to have a lot of fun with their swimming pool, various points must be observed by all parties involved, because a swimming pool is not maintenance-free.
In public facilities, professional care is usually guaranteed.
In private swimming pools, water treatment, water circulation and regular maintenance of the filter system should be strictly adhered to. In case of stagnant water, i.e when the water circulation is switched off, microorganisms can otherwise multiply abruptly and enter the pool when it is switched back on. Proper water treatment is responsible for optimal pool water and for clean wall and floor surfaces.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Basic cleaning

    With a normal tiled surface, the first thorough cleaning of the pool surface takes place after the grout between the joints has hardened sufficiently. During this process, residues from grouting and normal site contamination are removed so that no breeding ground for later germination remains. Otherwise, experience has shown that infestation by microorganisms, such as mould, will occur. This cleaning is done with chlorine bleach or suitable cleaners on this basis.

  2. Cleaning of glass mosaic

    If a glass mosaic, which usually has a paper bond on the front, is laid in a swimming pool, the first cleaning of the surfaces is done before grouting. For this purpose, the covering is cleaned with chlorine bleach and thoroughly rinsed with clear water to avoid later contamination of the joints. After cleaning, it is particularly important to completely remove the dirt and excess water that has accumulated on the floor.

  3. Launch

    Before the pool is put into operation, it is run for at least two weeks with an increased chlorine concentration (minimum 2 mg/l). If afterwards the pool is to be operated with a chlorine-free water treatment, the pool must be visually inspected regularly. If there is the slightest sign of organisms on the walls or bottom of the pool, shock chlorination must be carried out.

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