Factory prefabricated elements for a shorter building schedule

Whether it's a commercial building or a private house, construction times are getting shorter and shorter. It is therefore important to deliver as many prefabricated elements as possible to the construction site. Thanks to the prefabrication of lightweight construction elements, Saint-Gobain Weber will offer a time advantage on the job site.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Shower tray elements

    The shower tray elements weber.sys 833 (expanded polystyrene with mineral coating reinforced with a fiber glass fabric on both sides) can be delivered in any format: The run-off can be freely positioned with a minimum center distance to the edges of 25 cm. The drainage performance of 0.8 liter/second is sufficient for waterfall showers.

  2. Round, worm and fan showers

    Such showers can be implemented with the boards weber.sys 834 (expanded polystyrene with mineral coating reinforced with a fiber glass fabric on both sides). Thanks to the sophisticated plug-in system, the floor and wall boards are quickly and securely connected to each other. The run-off integrated in the floor can easily accommodate also large amounts of water, as it is the case with waterfall showers.

  3. Benches and loungers

    The body of the benches and loungers consists of the pre-said boards weber.sys 834; as tilebackers they can be directly covered with ceramic tiles. The loungers are ergometrically shaped.

  4. Systems with drain channels

    In case of shower tray elements with drain channels, the length of the channel can be freely selected in steps of 10 cm. The lateral distance to the edges is at least 5 cm, so that the sealing tapes weber.tec 828 DB G or 150 can be well glued on the elements.

  5. When bonding the shower trays to the substrate with fast-setting adhesives, the waterproofing and tiling works can already begin after just a few hours.

  6. Benches can be produced in any length and almost any radius. If required, low-voltage electric heating can also be installed on the job site.

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