Traditional bath renovated in time for the start of the season

Gruga bath

The Grugabad, built in 1964, is the largest outdoor pool in the city of Essen with an area of around 58,000 m². It was built for the Federal Garden Show in 1965 and is a good example of the spa architecture of the 1960s. In 2016, as every spring, the city-owned company Essener Arbeit carried out renovation work there.

Time was short: the work, which began on 14th March, had to be completed in time for the start of the bathing season on 1st May. The damaged waterproofing was renewed, broken and cracked tiles were replaced. The use of the waterproofing and bonding system weber.xerm 844 was helpful in the quick renovation.

The clever Weber product is a waterproofing material and a tile adhesive in one. It sets reactively, which means that rain or cool temperatures can have no longer a negative impact on the setting process after only a short time. This made it easier to plan the tiling work in the outdoor area. In addition, the waterproofing compound and the tile adhesive could be applied in a single operation. This saved valuable working time.

In total, more than 700 kilograms of weber.xerm 844 were used. This also brings long-term advantages: the clever waterproofing and bonding system is highly flexible and watertight. Since it reliably prevents water from penetrating under the tiled surfaces, the risk of frost damage is reduced - an important asset for an outdoor pool that is exposed to the weather all year round.

Building site:
Outdoor pool Grugabad

Project type:
Sport facility

58.000 m²


Completion date:
May 2016

City of Essen

EABG Essener Arbeit Beschäftigungsgesellschaft mbH, Essen