Waterproofing of an old chapel

St. Antoniusheim

The St. Antonius Home in the city of Vreden is a building complex from 1908, which today houses workshops of the Association for Catholic Workers' Colonies. An analysis of the masonry revealed an extremely high degree of moisture penetration of almost 100 %.

In consultation with experts from the manufacturer Saint-Gobain Weber, the team of the contractor KasaTech waterproofed the former chapel with the liquid silicone micro-emulsion horizontal damp-proof barrier weber.tec 940 E, which is particularly suitable for heavy moisture penetration and large masonry thicknesses. Due to the walls being up to 80 cm thick, more than 1,500 liters of the concentrated emulsion were used for the 200 running meters at low-pressure injection.

In addition, KaSaTech applied a high-quality mineral waterproofing system of Weber on a surface of 350 m² to create a three-layer flexible exterior and interior waterproofing system, so that there was a seamless connection with the horizontal damp-proof barrier. A three-part drainage membrane was installed on the waterproofing layer of the external walls for their protection.

The workers also applied a facade cream as protection against driving rain on the facade socket area and a large part of the chapel facade.

Building site:
St. Antoniusheim

Project type:
Historical building

approx. 550 m²

Completion date:
April 2022

Verein für katholische Arbeiterkolonien in Westfalen, Vreden

behet bondzio lin architekten GmbH & Co. KG, Münster

KaSaTech Sanierungswerkstatt, Rhede