Quarter modernization with recyclable ETICS

Modernization of a housing estate in the Ruhr area

The housing association LEG is modernizing a typical housing estate from the 1960s in Gelsenkirchen-Hassel. Among other things, the 19 houses with a total of 91 residential units have been renovated among this for energy efficiency. For reasons of sustainability, the investor decided to use the first recyclable external thermal insulation composite system weber.therm circle.

The insulation boards are fastened to the masonry purely mechanically with screw dowels, i.e the system does not require any bonding mortar, which enables the separation and recycling of the building materials by type.

Building site:
Residential area in Ruhr area

19 houses of each approx. 500 m2

pier 7 architekten GmbH, Düsseldorf

LEG Wohnen NRW GmbH, Düsseldorf

Completion date:
Summer 2021 till summer 2022

Firmengruppe Brück GmbH, Münster