ETICS weber.therm circle

weber.therm circle Systemaufbau

The ETICS weber.therm circle is an external thermal insulation composite system with mineral wool insulation boards and mineral renders according to EN 998-1.

weber.therm circle is the first external thermal insulation composite system, which can be dismantled and recycled by type of component. Once it has reached the end of its service life, again new high-quality components are obtained from the dismantled components.

DGNB Navigator Vonovia Innovationspreis-Siegel 2022

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Case studies

Frontale Ansicht des Objekts in Kenzingen
Façade / Wall ETICS weber.therm circle

Resource-saving guest house with great attention to detail

Short-term living in Kenzingen

Ansicht auf Jugendzentrum mit Gerüst aus Vogelperspektive
Façade / Wall ETICS weber.therm circle

Youth center insulated in a climate-friendly way

Renovation of a shool complex

Fassade eines Gebäudes der Siedlung Eppmannsweg nach der Modernisierung
Façade / Wall ETICS weber.therm circle

Quarter modernization with recyclable ETICS

Modernization of a housing estate in the Ruhr area