Bright white residence in the midst of green

Facade design with biocide-free mineral top coat render

Individual facade design with traditional render technique

The "Haus am Koppelteich" in Kamen is located in the middle of a park around a small lake.

The newly built senior citizens' residence for 91 residents makes a classically elegant impression with its light-coloured facade render subdivided by ashlars and stucco mouldings. However, the building shows typical risk factors for algae infestation on the facade, such as its proximity to vegetation and water, as well as its modern construction with a low roof overhang and efficient thermal insulation. But the professional painter Tim Zweihoff, who was commissioned with the facade works, took long-term preventive measures: he opted for an innovative facade render of Saint-Gobain Weber that durably prevents algae and fungal infestation in an eco-friendly way.

His team first insulated the facade with 20 cm thick insulation boards. On top of this, they applied the mineral floated top render 220 AquaBalance. This biocide-free render sustainably prevents algae formation thanks to an optimized physical mechanism and has won several awards. The facade experts demonstrated in an impressive way that environmental protection does not have to be at the expense of an attractive design: They skilfully created a lively textured surface with the pre-said render in a 3 mm-grain size. The finishing touch was an egalizing paint also equipped with AquaBalance technology (weber.ton 414 AquaBalance).

Building site:
Haus am Koppelteich, Kamen

Project type:
Residential flats

Facade of 2,800 m2

Completion date:
August 2014

Spies KG, a private sponsor of care facilities

Zweihoff GmbH & Co. KG, 59174 Kamen