Correct rendering over half-timbered buildings

When renovating half-timbered buildings, damaged areas or weather sides exposed to heavy driving rain can be durably protected with a new render.

Simple & safe to the goal


    1. Cover the timber framework with corrugated paperboard (undulation turned inwards) and only tack it in place. Fasten the galvanised, welded wire mesh (Distanet, Welnet or similar) in a cross bond on the half-timbered facade in such a way that the paperboard is not crushed. The best practice is to fasten the wire mesh within the frame (with dowels, wire rods, etc. depending on the infill), so that movements of the substructure are not transferred to the rendered structure.


    2. As underlay, use either the mineral high-performance insulating render weber.therm 505 HDP or the insulating render weber.therm 507 in the required thickness, at least 10 mm. After stiffening, roughen the render surface. Waiting time in accordance with the underlay render and weather conditions.


    3. For better stability a reinforcing mortar, like weber.therm 300 is applied in a thickness of approx. 6 mm.


    4. Afterwards embed the woven mesh weber.therm 310; it must lay in the upper half of the mortar layer.


    5. Roughen resp. smooth the surface.


    6. Apply the overlay render either by hand or machine.


    7. Depending on type of overlay render texture or scratch its surface with an appropriate tool.

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