Facade design of a new construction

Individual facade design with traditional overlay technique

For the facade design of a new building in Essen-Heidhausen, the planning company Herchenröder revived an old render technique that had fallen into oblivion. This process, a thick-layer mineral top coat render is brushed by hand with a broom. Since there was no longer any relevant experience for this render technique with regard to the render system build-up, materials, application and tools, the manufacturer of building materials Saint-Gobain Weber and the contractor Tackenberg Bautenschutz were involved in the planning at an early stage.

After intensive consultation, the two-layer lightweight mineral fine-grained top render weber.star 261 was applied. The two layers, each 2 - 3 mm thick, were applied "wet-in-wet" and then brushed horizontally with a street broom with plastic bristles. The final finish was given with two coats of an egalizing paint (weber.ton 414 AquaBalance). The successful reinterpretation of this old handicraft technique resulted in a very expressive, powerful and at the same time fine relief structure. The play of light and shadow on the broom texture means that the unique facade always looks different.

Building site:
New construction in Essen-Heidenhausen

Project type:
Residential flats

Facade of approx. 330 m2

Completion date:
March 2012


Planungsbüro Herchenröder, Lunkegarten 8, 45277 Essen

Tackenberg Bautenschutz GmbH, Oberhausen