Over-working of fiberglass wallpapers with lime plaster

Mit hochwertigen Kalkstrukturspachteln ist es möglich festsitzende alte Glasfasertapeten zu überspachteln und so Wänden eine völlig neue Optik zu geben.

Einfach & sicher zum Ziel

  1. Application

    1. The condition and in particular the adhesion of the wallpaper must be carefully checked beforehand. Only areas with firmly adhering wallpaper can be plastered over. Loose areas must be removed beforehand. First, use the isolating primer weber.prim 404.


    2. Then spray/apply the textured lime plaster weber.cal 286 for levelling purpose and strike off in a thickness of 2-3 mm.


    3. After sufficient waiting time (at least 1 day) apply weber.cal 286 as a topcoat and smooth with a fine or coarse sponge float, depending on the required texture.

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