Rendering of concrete clinker facades and ceramic tiles (poorly absorbent substrates)

If the substrate is not only poorly absorbent but also smooth (for. a low grip of shuttering concrete or dense clinker), a conventional spray application, even with a stipple coat may not achieve sufficient adhesion. A mineral bonding layer as substrate preparation is preferable here. Conventional lime-cement plasters are the best solution for these substrates due to their low water content. For tile substrates, request technical advice from the Technical Department for Applications of Saint-Gobain Weber.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. Check of substrate

    1. Check the substrate porosity and if load-bearing.

  2. Application

    2. Apply the mineral bonding layer weber.dur 101 or the special bonding mortar weber.therm 370 in 5-mm thickness and comb horizontally with a notched trowel. Waiting time: 5 days.


    3. Apply a lime-cement underlay render, e.g. weber.dur 110 in one layer in a thickness of approx. 10-15 mm.

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