Youth center insulated in a climate-friendly way

Renovation of a shool complex

The city of Geseke planned to usefully convert a former school complex into a youth center. For reasons of sustainability, the investor opted for insulation with the recyclable composite thermal insulation system weber.therm circle. All components –  insulation material, plugs, fabric and mineral render mortar –  of this ETICS can be separated and recycled by type.

The renovation was carried out by the certified plastering and rendering company Kückelheim Stuck und Putz. As top coat render, the client chose a mineral scratch render with 3 mm grain size in a natural white colour. Prefabricated soffit elements of Weber were used for the window reveals. The external venetian blind boxes were also installed by Kückelheim. The prefabricated assembly parts were insulated with mineral wool and thus ensured a high level of fire protection.

Building site:
Youth center

500 m²

Completion date:
April 2021

City of Geseke

Firma Kückelheim Stuck und Putz, Anröchte