Renovation of an underground car park in record time

Pumpable and flowable concrete replacement mortar accelerates refurbishment of underground car park

Old substrates are always good for a surprise - the team of flooring professionals Repenning + Sohn recently experienced this during the renovation of an underground car park in Hamburg. The old concrete substrate had to be milled off, but was so extremely hard that the works took much longer than planned. To make up for the delay, the company looked for a time-saving floor solution and found it in the flow-grade and pumpable concrete replacement mortar weber.floor 4640 Outdoor RepFlow. It was delivered to the job site ready for use with the screed pump Weber MixMobil and installed - without bag lugging and manual mixing. Thus, the team could complete 10 days' work in just one day.

Building site:
Tiefgarage Borgfelder Str., Hamburg

1.000 m²

November 2020

Ingenieurbüro DREWS GmbH, Berlin

Repenning + Sohn Bauwerkerhaltung GmbH, Berlin