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weber pluscalc | Innovative interior plaster for residential and office rooms

… because our interior plaster combines the best of lime and gypsum plaster.

Smooth like a gypsum plaster

weber pluscalc can be used both as a single-layer universal plaster ready for painting and as a two-layer or multi-layer base plaster. The material hardens with little tension and offers high crack resistance. Its light and supple consistency makes it just as easy to work with as conventional gypsum plaster systems.

As a mineral, non-combustible building material (class of reaction to fire A 1 - EN 13501-1), weber pluscalc can be applied in all interior spaces, including damp (wet-duty) rooms like domestic kitchens or bathrooms. Silk-matte, with a floated or very smooth texture, the wall surface adapts visually and haptically to any style of living.

Glätten von einem Innenputz mit einem Schwamm an einer weißen Wand

Mould-inhibiting like lime plaster

Schlafzimmer mit weißem Innenputz

In addition to the pleasant application of a gypsum plaster, weber pluscalc offers the high-quality building properties of a classic lime plaster.

It has a surface that is particularly open to diffusion of water vapour, through which it can absorb moisture and release it again with a time delay if the room air is too dry. In this way, the interior plaster naturally prevents over-humidification of the living space. In addition, it prevents the mould formation due to its high pH value. The low-emission interior plaster is therefore particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.

Advantages of weber pluscalc

  • provides a healthy room climate
  • long-term mould-inhibiting
  • smooth trowel or floated texture
  • offers the best crack resistance
weber pluscalc Sortiment mit Innenputz im Fokus

weber pluscalc system - the product line for a healthy indoor climate

Safety in a complete system: primer, interior plaster, lime smoothing compound and interior paint of the weber pluscalc line are perfectly matched to each other.

The lime-based smoothing plaster is also free of harmful substances, regulates moisture, is antiseptic due to its high pH value and thus ensures a healthy and pleasant room climate in harmony with the interior plaster. 

Very fine, silky-smooth surfaces (Q2 - Q4) can be obtained with the skimcoat weber pluscalc Glätte. Despite the absence of the bleaching titanium dioxide, which is suspected of causing cancer, the finished material captivates with its radiant white. It can also be dyed in all colours of the Weber colour chart. Like the interior plaster weber pluscalc, the skimcoat weber pluscalc Glätte can be applied smoothly and is high-yielding. The interior paint weber pluscalc Innenfarbe is a vapour-permeable coating, free of solvents and volatile organic compounds that can pollute the indoor air.

All products of the weber pluscalc range convince with their smooth application through optically and haptically pleasant surfaces as well as a healthy room climate.

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