Seitliche Ansicht der Fassade bei der Referenz Schlachtensee mit weber.therm MW 035 express

weber.therm express | Quicker insulation!

With the new mineral wool insulation board weber.therm MW 035 express full-mineral ETICS can be assembled in a quick and economical way.

The fast board with format

The handy size of weber.therm MW 035 express often requires only one dowel per board and can be glued by machine. Therefore the insulation works are up to 30% faster.

Your advantages with weber.therm MW 035 express

  • Only one dowel

In the (main) surface areas, weber.therm 035 express requires only one dowel per board (only 3 dowels/m²). This saves time and material.

  • Easy-to-handle size

Thanks to the handy size of weber.therm 035 express the board has a low weight and its transport on the scaffolding is easier.

  • Mechanical bonding

When the bonding mortar is already applied on the wall, the already compact panel is even easier to handle over the scaffolding.


The quick board makes insulating works more attractive!

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