Assembly of ETICS add-on parts

weber.projekt Iso-Corner is an installation angle of polyurethane hard foam for the assembly of medium-heavy to heavy add-on parts to ETICS facades with reduced thermal bridges. It is suited for folding shutters, handrails (for French balconies and others) and also all safety-relevant add-on parts around windows.

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Installation angle weber.projekt Iso-Corner

  1. Direction load of installation angle

    The mounting angle is installed at the insulation level. The add-on parts must be screwed along the axis of the front side or the longitudinal side axis of the cantilevered leg.

  2. Position of installation angle

    The position of the mounting bracket must be exactly matched to the position of the subsequent screw connections. The position of the brackets in the ETICS should be precisely documented.

  3. Insulation thickness

    The size of the installation angle depends on the insulation thickness.

  4. Option choice

    weber.projekt Iso-Corner is available in three lengths. Based on the thickness of the insulation material, select the next largest projection. The protruding part is later sawn off flush with the upper edge of the insulation board.

  5. Choice of fastening kit

    For the fixing of the installation angle, 3 different kits are available according to the wall material:

    • Iso-Corner Kit "Injektion" for all massive walls
    • Iso-Corner Kit "SDP" for aerated concrete
    • Iso-Corner Kit "SDF" for concrete and massive masonry.

    Refer to the dowelling instructions mentioned in the approval.

  6. Tagging of position

    The position of the weber.projekt Iso-Corner must be noted according to the measurement and the drill holes are marked.

  7. Drilling of dowel holes

    Drill dowel holes (10 mm)…

  8. Borehole cleaning

    … and remove the drilling dust with a blow-out pump and a brush thoroughly.

  9. Installation angle weber.projekt Iso-Corner

    Set the mounting bracket with adhesive mortar…

  10. Fastening of installation angle

    …and then screw with help of one of the above-mentioned fastening kit. Respect the dowelling instructions mentioned in the official approval.

  11. Cutting of installation angle to length

    After bonding the insulation boards, weber.projekt Iso-Corner can be sawed flush with the insulation board.

  12. Fitting of add-on parts

    After completion of the rendering works on the ETICS facade, weber.projekt Iso-Corner can be screwed on its length side or front side.

  13. Borehole drilling

    The holes are drilled through the render layer. The correct drilling depth is 40 mm and the diameter 8 mm.

  14. Screwing of add-on parts

    The screwing of the add-on parts is done along the middle axle of the mounting surface. Use the stainless steel screws weber.projekt Iso-Corner Set Delta PT Edelstahlschrauben.

  15. Assembly of add-on parts

    Now the add-on parts can be attached.

    Either on the lateral surface…

  16. …or on the front side of the installation angle.

  17. Folding or sliding shutters

    Also, the folding or sliding shutters can be fixed without a thermal bridge in an easy and reliable way with weber.projekt Iso-Corner.

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