Good insulation with elegant glass facade

Detached residential and commercial house

Architect Manfred Hammers of the city of Aachen has always been interested in individual facade cladding. When his office moved, it made sense to plan and implement a facade innovation for the new building he used himself, especially since the architecture was largely predetermined by constraints (slope, residential area).

Mr. Hammers selected a new type of thermal insulation composite system with bonded glass surface of Saint-Gobain Weber. Until now, glass facades could only be realized as a curtain wall construction - not an optimal solution in terms of energy. The weber.therm style Glass system makes it possible to bond large-format glass elements onto an insulation layer without thermal bridges.

The applicator, Derichs-Keuter GmbH in Alsdorf, first applied ETICS insulation boards in a thickness of 180 mm, followed by the double application of a reinforcement layer consisting of the system-compliant bonding and reinforcing mortar, and reinforcement fabric. The prefabricated coloured glass elements were delivered to the job site - in 90 different sizes. The result: an individual facade with a lively joint pattern and no visible fixings. Owner and architect Hammers explains: “I'm often asked what the point is. Of course, the energy balance is good, but the most important thing to me is that it's “just” beautiful”.

Building site:
Detached residential and commercial house

Project type:
Residential, office and commercial building

Facade of 230 m2

Completion date:
June 2014

Derichs-Keuter Malerbetrieb GmbH, Alsdorf

Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Hammers, Architekturbüro Hammers, Aachen

Derichs-Keuter Malerbetrieb GmbH, Alsdorf