Student village of Berlin-Schlachtensee

Authentic renovation of a listed facade

The student village of Berlin-Schlachtensee, built in the early 1950s, was listed in 1995. The architects' office Autzen & Reimers was commissioned to renovate the dilapidated ensemble. The goal was to improve energy efficiency while preserving the original character of the building.

The architects opted for the particularly slim external thermal insulation composite system weber.therm plus ultra with a thick-layer render build-up. In critical parapet areas, the 40-mm thick ETICS was combined with mineral interior insulation. Great importance was attached to the faithful reproduction of the original surfaces with their coloured scratch overlay render (top coat) - a custom-built of Weber. Thanks to the energy-efficient building envelope in combination with modern construction technology, the energy demand of renovated houses was reduced by about 60 percent.

Building site:
Student village, Berlin-Schlachtensee

Project type:
Residential flats

Facade of approx. 4.000 m2

Completion date:
Partial measure at houses 4,8, 20 and 2: 2011

Genossenschaft Studentendorf Berlin-Schlachtensee e. G.
(NPO housing association)

Autzen & Reimers, Hufelandstraße 22, 10407 Berlin