Today premium insulation material, tomorrow raw material again

Recyclable ETICS

Recyclable ETICS

Today premium insulation material, tomorrow material again.

In the city of Münster, the facade of a multistory apartment building was to be renovated and also fitted with an external thermal insulation composite system. The owner of the rendering company Vorwerk, which carried out the facade work, recommended weber.therm circle to the owner. This full-mineral premium ETICS is the first system all the components of which can be separated and recycled again at the end of their period of use. A pleasant side effect for the owner: in addition to the promotional loans of the Federal Promotional Bank (KfW) for the energy-efficient renovation, he also received a subsidy from the city of Münster for using the eco-friendly system.

Building site:
Multistory apartment building, Münster

Facade of approx. 315 m2

Completion date:
May 2019

Private owner

Heinz Vorwerk GmbH