Weber Marine product & system overview

In shipbuilding, the demand for fast-drying and lightweight products remains high. Weber offers new and individual solutions for the special features of shipbuilding, both for flooring and tile fixing.

Mineral system for tiles

The mineral system for tiles
consists of the following products:

weber.prim 803, primer for non-absorbent substrates

weber.Superflex Marine, 2-comp. waterproofing compound and tile adhesive

weber.xerm 861, multi-use flexible tile adhesive

weber.fug 875 BlueComfort, premium grout

weber.fug 881, silicone for tiles, neutral cross-linked

Products for floor

weber.floor 4712

Verpackung weber.floor 4712

weber.floor 4716

Saint-Gobain Weber

weber.floor 4685 G

Saint-Gobain Weber

Further information:

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