ETICS nesting boxes and roosts for all native bird species, bats and insects

The nest box range weber.projekt Nistkasten was developed in close cooperation with nature conservation experts.

weber.projekt Nistkasten

  1. The range

    The range offers nesting boxes for many bird species, insects and bats. The boxes made of wood concrete and plaster baseboards were specially developed for installation within ETICS.

  2. Exemplary installation

    The nest box shown is suitable for sparrows and titmice. There is a groove all around the entrance opening to accommodate the pre-cut reinforcement fabric. The thickness of the reinforcement layer is at least 5 mm.

  3. The option shown can be opened for possible cleaning work. However, this is not necessary for many bird species.

  4. An opening with the dimensions of the box is cut into the insulation of the ETICS. The nesting box is ordered to match the thickness of the insulation.

  5. The nest box is installed so that the waterproofing is at the bottom

  6. The bonding within the ETICS is done with a bonding and reinforcing mortar (for ex. weber.therm 300).

  7. The nesting box is pushed in the opened insulation until it is flush with the insulation board surface.

  8. The reinforcing mortar (for ex. weber.therm 300) is applied in a thickness of at least 5 mm.

  9. The woven mesh is cut out to fit. It is inserted into the recess at the entrance opening and covered with reinforcing mortar.

  10. After sufficient waiting time, the overlay render is applied.

  11. With this box option, the cleaning rosette must still be inserted.

  12. The new domicile is now ready for occupancy.

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