weber.rep R4 duo

Saint-Gobain Weber

Repair mortar & resurfacing mortar

weber.rep R4 duo is a polymer-modified, ready-mixed dry mortar of class R4 according to EN 1504-3. It fulfils the requirements of the concrete strength class M2 according to DAfStb-Rili and is suitable for use as PCC II mortar according to the German specifications TL BE-PCC of ZTV ING (Additional Technical Terms of Contract and Guidelines for Civil Engineering Works). With German approval. Together with the concrete surface protection systems weber.tec 771 or weber.tec 772, it also fulfills the requirements according to DafStb-Rili (system OS-C resp. OS-D II) and according to DIN V 18026 (systems OS-4 resp. OS-5).

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