Düsseldorf Airport

Roof repair

Concrete is an extremely resistant building material, but time also erodes it, especially when it is exposed to particular loads. This was the case with a transition on the roof of Düsseldorf Airport. Due to a machine that regularly cleans the aluminium facade, water frequently remained on a parapet and the gutter in front of it. Over the years, this led to damage: in some places, the concrete had spalled off; the reinforcing steel was exposed and corroded. In addition, there was a risk of water penetration into the area of the airport below.

The airport operator commissioned a specialized contractor for the repair and waterproofing of the affected areas. The concrete repair system of Saint-Gobain Weber weber.rep duo was used. This system covers four work steps with only two products with dual usage. After cleaning the breakouts, weber.rep KB duo was first applied as corrosion protection for the reinforcing steel. After drying, the same material was applied again, now as a bondcoat, over the whole surface of the dull-moist pre-wetted worn-out area.

The breakouts were then reprofiled "wet-in-wet"with weber.rep R4 duo (concrete replacement mortar of class R4 according to EN 1504-3). The levelling and patching of all surface defects was carried out on the dull-moist substrate, also with weber.rep R4 duo (as resurfacing mortar). Subsequently, the surface protection system weber.tec 771 with carbonation-inhibiting effect was applied as a double coat. The parapet area and the transition to the floor gutters were finally waterproofed with the highly flexible waterproofing slurry weber.tec Superflex D 2 in 2 layers. In the joint area, the fleece-laminated watertight foil weber.sys 982 was incorporated into the waterproofing layers.

Building site:
Düsseldorf Airport

Project type:
Infrastructure construction

1.500 m2

Completion date:
August 2015

Düsseldorf Airport Company