Professional basement renovation in a pharmacy

Moisture damage in the cellar rooms of an old building

The Linden pharmacy in the city of Schöllkrippen (Lower Franconia) is located in a beautiful old brick villa. When moisture damage appeared in the cellar, which is used to store medicines, the team of the contractor SNGBau Dienstleistungen GmbH took on the professional renovation.

To do this, the old damp plaster was knocked off on the internal wall sides, the joints scraped out, and also a groove in the internal angle between the concrete slab and the basement wall with a specific groove mortar was created.

An emulsion cream was injected into the masonry for stopping the rising damp, then the walls were egalized in two layers with a levelling patching mortar and a watertight render (combed horizontally). The final step was the application of an air-entrained damp-proof renovation plaster.

Building site:

Project type:
Health centers

100 meters of groove 
approx. 200 m² wall surface

Completion date:
March 2019

Linden-Apotheke, Schöllkrippen

SNGBau Dienstleistungen GmbH, Schöllkrippen