Quick repair of basement walls

weber.san 958 is a quick-setting, multi-use white damp-proof render/plaster for the sustainable repair of moist and salt-contaminated surfaces. The mineral render with WTA certificate facilitates the drying out of damp masonry due to its good water vapour permeability and high pore volume. The high-yield renovation render/plaster weber.san 958 can be applied in a single coat up to a layer thickness of 40 mm and without a preliminary spray layer as a bondcoat. It also sets quickly, allowing craftsmen to plan more efficiently at peak times.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. Cleaning of the substrate
    Remove old renders and paints down to the load-bearing substrate, at least 80 cm beyond the limit of the moisture damages.

  2. 2. Scraping of joints
    Scrape brittle masonry joints to a depth of approx. 20 mm. Replace or supplement damaged masonries.

  3. 3. Dull-moist pre-wetting of substrate
    Pre-wet substrates until they are dull-moist when the application of the dampproof render begins.

  4. 4. Bonding layer and recess filling
    Chisel a recess of 4 x 4 cm in the internal angle (concrete slab/ basement wall). Apply a bonding layer with the watertight mortar weber.tec 933 (brush consistency) along the angle and fill the recess with the mortar (trowel consistency).

  5. 5. Rounding of angle (concrete slab/basement wall) in groove form
    Afterwards, apply weber.tec 933 as groove mortar "wet-in-wet".

  6. 6. Application of damp-proof render as contact layer
    Apply weber.san 958 full-surface as contact layer, using a stainless steel smoothing trowel on the dull-moist substrate and comb it horizontally with a notched trowel.

  7. 7. Application of damp-proof render
    Apply weber.san 958 "wet-in-wet" in 1 layer up to max. 40 mm.

  8. 8. Surface egalization
    Rule level with aluminium beams.

  9. 9. Surface smoothing
    After approx. 90 minutes, smooth the surface of weber.san 958 with a dull-moist sponge board.

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