Sustainable protection of brickwork facades and other mineral substrates against rain

Exterior walls with mineral building materials such as bricks, clinker, lime sandstones, renders and natural stones must have a high water-repellent effect, especially on firedamp sides, in order to prevent mould growth and moisture on the inner side of the building. This is also the best protection against heat loss and damage caused by frost blasts. The 1-comp. solvent-free impregnation material weber.tec 775 is an innovative product with which simple and economical protection against penetrating moisture can be achieved.

Simple & safe to the goal

  1. 1. The active principle of the hydrophobic cream.
    The product is absorbed by the substrate via capillary forces and penetrates deep into the pores. The active ingredient dries within the pores and develops its water-repellent properties. Due to its high penetration depth, the effect is particularly durable. The wall remains discolouration-free, retains its breathability, and becomes drier and much more frost-resistant.

  2. 2. The ready-to-use hydrophobic cream weber.tec 775 is equally suitable for brickwork, natural stones and lime sandstones.

  3. 3. Old clinker facades are often quite absorbent and let water penetrate into the masonry during prolonged rainfall.

  4. 4. Prior to application, all lime and salt efflorescence as well as all algae and fungi must be removed by an appropriate cleaning method. Afterwards let the substrate dry sufficiently so that the hydrophobic cream can be absorbed well. Here on a facade render as an example.

  5. 5. Protect all areas which should not be treated, like windows, window sills or painted facade parts as well as plants (for ex. with a polyethylene foil).

  6. 6. Apply an appropriate cleaning agent for the removal of algae and fungi.

  7. 7. Application of the hydrophobic cream weber.tec 775 with a roller.

  8. 8. Application of the hydrophobic cream weber.tec 775 with an airless gun.

  9. 9. View of the facade surface shortly after the application of weber.tec 775 with an airless gun.

  10. 10. Clinker facade with much more water-repellent effect after its treatment with weber.tec 775.

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